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Domestic Solar Hot Water

HWH can supply any solar requirements utilizing major brands such as Bosch, Rinnai and Quantum.


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Quantum Solar Continuous Flow is a highly advanced hot water system offering one of the most energy efficient and cost efficient water heaters available.

The Quantum Domestic Hot Water units are available in the following models:




270 Compact

Compact Air Sourced

3-5 people

340 Compact

Compact Air Sourced

6-7 people

340 Split

Split Air Sourced

8-9 people

The 1.1kW Compact Domestic Hot Water heater has its evaporator & fan mounted together, with the rest of the heat pump, on top of the water tank. Being fully self contained it is extremely easy to install. The installation work can be completed by the same trades people (plumber & electrician) as would be required for a conventional electric water heater. The compact arrangement means no on site refrigeration work is required.

Download Brochure
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Download Brochure
(PDF 403 KB)

Compact Models

Split Models

The more powerful 1.7kW Split Domestic Hot Water heater has its evaporator & fan mounted separately to the tank unit. The heat pump however is still located on top of the tank. The larger heat pump is more suited to commercial applications, but can be beneficial in very large house holds.

The split arrangement allows for the evaporator to be positioned remotely to the tank unit. This can be a major benefit in commercial applications where well ventilated areas for the hot water system are often at a premium. The tank unit can be positioned within the building and the evaporator mounted externally - up to 10 metres from the tank unit. 

On site refrigeration work is required for this model therefore, for installation, a refrigeration technician will be required as well as the normal plumber & electrician.


Bosch Solar Hot Water Systems

The Australian sun is our most abundant source of renewable energy. And using a Bosch solar hot water system is one of the most practical and cost-effective ways you can harness the sun’s natural energy for your home. (See Also)

Commercial Solar Power & Hot Water

HWH can tailor solar power and solar hot water system to suit any commercial or large scale requirement such as mining camps, motels, hotels etc.

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